Harnessing the Power of Sacred Geometry Tools

This blog post delves into the profound significance of sacred geometry in True Quantum Healing (TQH). Even if you're not familiar with sacred geometry, it surrounds us, manifesting in various forms – from the food we consume to the natural world, urban planning, the human body, and even the celestial bodies.

Sacred geometry operates as a language rooted in mathematical shapes like spheres, circles, and pyramids. Consider the awe-inspiring pyramids in Egypt; they exemplify the captivating sacred geometry within. Each shape possesses a unique mathematical structure and inherent energy, carrying specific vibrations essential for healing.

One primary sacred geometry tool integral to TQH is the vesica pisces, which assumes a pivotal role. It embodies the current divine feminine energy, especially pertinent in the Age of Aquarius. This symbol consists of two pyramids, base to base, enveloped by a sphere, with additional geometrical elements. The vesica pisces acts as a transmitter and receiver of Quantum energy, amplifying the healing process, enabling it to operate at profound levels within the body. A sun ring attachment further enhances its effectiveness.

During a remote session, after pinpointing the issue within the body and its root cause, the vesica pisces, in combination with intention and spoken words, comes into play. The words, supported by intent, facilitate the removal of problematic energies. This triad, working in harmony, is fundamentally grounded in quantum physics.

The power of words and intention in healing cannot be underestimated. Words carry vibrations, and vibrations possess the capacity to effectuate change in energy. In TQH, two crucial words, 'true' and 'false,' are employed during clearings. For instance, addressing calcium buildup and deposits as 'false' renders them nonexistent, effectively negating the energy associated with the issue. Then, affirming 'true' elevates the affected area to a higher vibrational level. This process induces sensations like coolness or energy shifts in clients.

Moreover, the vesica pisces serves a protective function for the practitioner during clearings. While other healing practices may involve direct hand contact, in TQH, the tool absorbs the brunt of the clearing process.

Another sacred geometry tool in use is the neutralization ring, inspired by the Sanganeevi design. Its circular form, with inward-pointing spokes, neutralizes energy within or above it. Its primary purpose is to extract negative energies from the body. These rings come in platinum and gold variants, which can be utilized independently or in together.

In a remote session, the practitioner simply intends the neutralization ring between the client's feet to pull negative energies away. This typically elicits sensations like swaying, pulling, or a refreshing coolness as undesirable energies are removed. When used together, one ring positioned between the feet and the other above the head creates a dynamic synergy, akin to a battery, where the masculine energy of platinum and feminine energy of gold collaborate to work at a deeper level. This process aids in dislodging stubborn negative energies or residues at the end of a session.

This overview offers a glimpse into how sacred geometry tools function within True Quantum Healing. For a more in-depth understanding, you can watch my long-distance neutralization ring healing video on my YouTube channel and subscribe for future updates. If you have questions or seek to experience the transformative potential of True Quantum Healing, please email me at info@nicolakb.com. I am dedicated to helping individuals facing a wide array of challenges.


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